Ascent Textile is a solution provider equipped with the latest dyeing & finishing facility and technology. Our dyeing plant was newly equipped in 2016 with annual capacity of 50 million meters incl. dyeing and printing.

So far, our main business sections are performance and lifestyle fabrics in woven.

Our performance fabrics including nylon, polyester, nylon/spandex, polyester/spandex and mechanical stretch fabrics for Sports, Outdoor activity and Work wear. With the increasing demands on the particular use of the fabric, Ascent committed ourselves and invested lots of resources into a wide variety of finishing to achieve various purpose such as water repellency, UV protection, wicking, odor control, waterproof/high breathability lamination and so on, all can be manufactured in our own workshop.

And the other business segment is urban lifestyle fabrics as said. One of our strength is Tencel, Lyocell, Modal and its blend materials. It is a regenerated cellulous fibre which can be degraded, so it is “green”. And the features of a soft hand, peral-like luster and good drape deliver a luxury feeling of the fabric. Another core collection is poly/cotton and nylon cotton fabrics, by blending with synthetic and nature fibres, the fabric has a nature look but with much better physical properties like tensile strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability etc. The dyeing plant has been well equipped all necessary facility to achieve appropriate pretreatment and after treatment to accomplish particular feature. Target garment is for shirt, jacket, overcoat, parka and so on.

Our emphasis is on customer satisfaction and sustained growth of the company together with customers.